Chapter-2Probably the most frequently asked question I get these days is “What about Chapter 2?”.  Well, let me just set the record straight right now.  Yes, there is a Chapter 2 and I’m working on it right now.

The other thing I hear most often is “Add a flashlight (torch)!”  I didn’t include a flash light in Chapter 1 because I couldn’t do a flash light correctly to my satisfaction.  I’ve solved that problem and it looks pretty good, I think.

I won’t go into too much detail about Chapter 2 except to say that it won’t be the same old Slender Man game.  This one has back story, a plot, action and puzzles.  I’ve got some things working that are normally only seen on desktop or console games and are not common in mobile games.

I’m a big fan of Fallout 3 and Half-Life 2 and I’m hoping to do something along those lines.  Just be warned, the game world won’t be nearly as large as those games. We’re working with phones, right.

I’ll post progress as I have something to show. 🙂

Customers have noticed that the version on the Google Play Store gets updated more often than the versions on the Nook, Amazon and iTunes App Store.  There is one simple reason for this.  It’s easier.  Pushing an update to the Google Play Store is simple upload and couple of button presses.  The Nook, Amazon and Apple stores all have waiting periods where the app is review then published.  Some of these periods are longer than others but they are generally around 5 – 7 days.  Consequently, I only update those versions where I have, what I feel, is a substantial update to release.


The other reason I release to the Google Play more often is that I use it to get feeback quickly.  It’s not uncommon to receive e-mail about a new feature minutes after I release.  I test as well as a can but I’m only one guy and, after playing my own game for months, it can be hard to play enough to find new bugs.  I’m not proud of that.  I fact, I debated if I should even admit that.  I only do so because, it’s the truth, and you deserve the truth.


Unfortunately, a couple of bugs have crept into the latest release.  Crept is the right word.  From the descriptions of these bugs and knowing the code the way I do, I just can’t understand how this would happen.  But that’s the way it always is with bugs in your code.  Well, until you find the bug and slap yourself on the forehead and say “Of course”.


The first bug causes the player to fall through the world into blackness.  I haven’t been able to fix this yet.  Here’s what I know about it so far.  It happens on hard more. It happens when you have 6 of 8 or 7 of 8 pages.  That makes me think it’s related to the difficulty settings that cause Slenderman to spawn closer to you based on how many pages you have.  I think he’s spawning right on top of you and pushing through the ground.  At least, that’s what I was thinking.  I put a fix in to ensure there was a minimum spawn distance which should ensure that he never spawns directly on top you. I tested it. I played until it was far later than it should have been. It looked good. I released it and crept up to bed.


The first thing I do in the morning is grab my iPhone which is always close at hand and check my sales figures from the day before and look at e-mail for any feedback on the game.  I read all the e-mail that people send me and try like hell to answer each and every e-mail.  If you spent the time to download and play my game and have something to say, I want to hear it. The first email is see is that the falling through the ground bug is still there in the latest version.  Damn!  To make matters worse, there is a review claiming (I say claiming because I just can’t believe it) that a user can’t use the look and move controls at the same time.


“That’s just not possible!”, I say to myself, knowing that I’m wrong.  From time to time, I get email from people that don’t understand how to use the controls.  That happens.  Maybe this is just another one of those guys.  I know inside that it’s not.


I got another review today that mentions the problem with not being able to move and look around at the same time.
The falling though the ground bug is present in the other versions on the Apple and Amazon stores.  The version on the Nook app store is bit behind the others and hasn’t been updated with the new level yet so it’s not there either. Obviously, I want to find and fix both bugs before I release an update. Please bear with me while I roll up my sleeves and dig in to hunt these bugs down.  I’ll update the stores stores once this unpleasantness has passed.


I’m hard at work on the latest update.  Here is what you can expect:

1. Better AI for Slenderman.  He’s got a whole new bag of tricks.

2. New Level – The screenshot above shows an overview of the new level.  I’m almost done and hope to have it up by next week.

3. Graphical improvements –  I’ve added some optional full screen effects that users on faster phones can enable.

Loading screen for Slenderman! Chapter 1: Alone

Slenderman! Chapter 1: Alone on the Google Play Store

Well, after about 3 months of hard work, I finally uploaded Slenderman! to the Google Play Store.  I’ve published a number of apps on the App Store in the past with some success but this is the first app I’ve done for Android.  Of course, since I’m using Unity3D, supporting both platforms is as easy as pie!

Since the initial release I’ve had 2 quick updates based on feedback from users.

Version 1.2 Changes
Added support for Arm6 devices
Version 1.1 Changes
– Added Quit Button
– Fixed bug that caused the camera to get messed up
– Slenderman now has more options when spawning

So far, the comments and the reviews have just been wonderful.  I read all comments immediately and play very close attention to what users like and don’t like.  My goal is to polish this app like a little gem.